Welcome to Lithuania

Glad to see you here! Let us introduce ourselves, we are vACC Lithuania, a Lithuanian subdivision  of VATSIM  network,  the  place where aviation enthusiasts embrace their interest by means of flying and controlling traffic in virtual skies.

As we are representatives of Lithuanian community our goal is provision of Air Traffic Service, involve in education of new VATSIM members and general popularization of aviation over the territory of Lithuania.

A little bit more about us...

We are a virtual organization representing Lithuania as a state in VATSIM air traffic simulation network. 
A main goal of our organization is to provide constant and professional Air Traffic Service within the designated area of Lithuania that corresponds to real-life area of Vilnius FIR. In order to achieve this goal we also provide a proper training and examination to the Air Traffic Controllers - members of vACC Lithuania.

Though we are not only a group of people providing service, but furthermost we are a community of aviation enthusiasts seeking for self-development, and we welcome anyone who share our interests.


We are a member of VATSIM air traffic simulation network operating throughout the world gathering aviation enthusiasts by means of flight simulation

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Except of VATSIM membership we are a part of European division VATEUD, that provides high level of professionalism within the virtual skies of Europe

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We gathered the most useful freeware and payware sceneries for Lithuanian airports

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We constantly maintain a list of actual aeronautical charts to cover Lithuanian airports

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Air Traffic Service

Our main goal is to provide ATC coverage over the designated airspace of Lithuania

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ATC Education

We provide a training an examination of Air Traffic Controllers within VATSIM netowork

Subdivision Policy

You're able to get yourself familiar with vACC Lithuania Subdivision Policy, that describes the basic principles on how our organization operates

Training Policy

Our Training Policy intended to whomever performing or willing to perform an Air Traffic Control operations within the vACC Lithuania

Our Staff Members


Yevhenii Svyrydov

Deputy Director


Air Traffic Control Manager

Laimonas Pocius 

Pilot Training Manager

Nikita Mikhieiev

Event Manager

Oskaras Gavenonis

Technical Manager


You may reach out to us by means of email or joining our Discord server with the links provided

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